ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.50 Crack is Here [LATEST]

ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.50 Crack is Here [LATEST]

ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.50 Crack is Here [LATEST]

ChrisPC Screen Recorder Description:

ChrisPC Screen Recorder

ChrisPC Screen Recorder is your perfect toolbox software for quietly recording your desktop screen even when ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader can not be downloaded for DRM or copyright protection issues. In many cases, as Internet computer users or computer geeks, you need a range of programs that make your life easier, happier, and smoother: a toolbox. Our desktop PCs, laptops and now even have a toolbox even on our smartphones or tablets: from favorite MP3 players to photo viewing and processing applications, movie players, file browsers Or backup software, YouTube file downloader, screen recorder, and more. When trying to acquire new skills, there is nothing better than real-life experience, but since guidance is also essential, the closest way to learn new concepts through practice is to study tutorials.

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ChrisPC Screen Recorder Detailed Description:

For those who are trying to provide a comprehensive explanation of the video and photo tutorial formats, ChrisPC Screen Recorder is a tool that allows them to focus strictly on what they want to deliver. Before helping you record videos and screenshots, let’s see what the core functions of the program are. Running an approachable user interface, your application should enable you to easily record video of any action that is visible on the screen while still allowing you to take screenshots. As for its mode of operation, things are quite clear again. You simply click the “Record” or “Screenshot” button, which prompts you for three options. More specifically, you can record or capture an entire screen, a selected window, or a specific area of ​​your desktop. Includes a Video Editor for Small Customizations If you go to the video options, an optional countdown will prepare you for the start of the meeting. However, at the end of the task, a video editor is automatically displayed that lets you play the recording and adjust it to the desired length. Lets you decide on the quality of the recorded video
Now let’s take a look at the “Settings” section of the program, which allows you to make some adjustments to your project to meet your needs. As far as video recording is concerned, you can instruct whether you want the mouse cursor to be visible, as well as video quality and FPS. In addition, there is an option for you to record what you hear. As for the screenshot, you can point out their file format, there are three options to choose from, that is, JPG, PNG and BMP. Needless to say, the output folder location can be changed by the user, just like the file name.

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ChrisPC Screen Recorder Features:

– Use one click to enter MP4 file and record audio from your computer.
– Screen recording in 3 modes: You can record on full screen and record the selected area in the desktop or application window.
– Record your game in window and borderless mode.
– Choose the best recording quality setting for your PC configuration.
– Select FPS (Frames Per Second) as the recording: 60, 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5,
– H.264 MP4 video encoding preset
– Audio encoding is AAC or MP3 codec.
– Custom recording name according to recording date and time.
– Preview and edit video after recording.
– Hides the cursor movement while recording.
– Add a text watermark to your video to easily choose the font name, size, text color, and background color.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder  Screenshots:


What is New ?
– Add image watermark to your video by selecting a PNG or JPG file to be used as watermark.
– Screenshots in 3 modes: Capture full screen, selected area on the desktop, or application window.
– Screenshots PNG, JPG or BMP files.
Much more.


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