Clash of Clans 9.105.5 Unlimited Mod/Hack/Cracked Apk is Here [Latest]

Clash of Clans 9.105.5 Unlimited Mod/Hack/Cracked Apk is Here [Latest]

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Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy and management game. You have to build a village of fearless clans who can live. Then you have to send them to a different task to destroy the enemy camp to prove their courage.

The game is divided into two completely different stages. First of all, you have to build the structure and hire the citizens (yes you have to pay them), and in the second time you can fight in real time and you can show off your skills.

The game offers ten different units that you can improve by gaining experience and money. You can also build a variety of defense systems for your city, which is vital if you want to reach enemy attacks that arrive sooner or later.

Clash of Clans is an interesting strategy and manages games that play more interesting than it sounds. Also, it is completely free and optimized for Android devices.


Server Information

Servers Status
Clash of Onhax BB8 Online
Thunderbolt 2 Offline
Clash of Onhax S3 Offline


15/10/2014: The server was given a custom name (beta). Memory leak and some bug fixes.
21/10/2014: Multiple servers share the same database, so that even after replacing the server, you can use another server, once shut down, and keep the game progress.
27/10/2014: Use the latest version of the new custom server
29/10/2014: Custom APKs provided with the primary database work on multiple servers.
11/11/2014: New server
12/11/2014: New custom APK
17/11/2014: Fixed the latest version of CoC (Android and ioS)
19/11/2014: Assign Elastic IP to the master server
03/12/2014: ♪ custom barbaric tower and snowFall add. It’s Christmas! ♥
06/12/2014: All savings related issues have been resolved. PvE added! Chasethose Goblins! 🙂
25/12/2014: General APK release! 🙂
04/01/2015: “Dual Installation”> You can install original apk and mod apk on your phone! Py side.
23/01/2015: Take your townhall 11! 🙂
09/03/2015: PvP added! Enjoy someone else
11/05/2015: Bugs Fixed
09/06/2015: Tri-servers launched
27/07/2015: Clan introduction! Thunderbolt APK released!
23/08/2015: Fixed an issue that was not installed on the Lollipop device
01/10/2015: New Apk! Lots of bug fixes!
27/10/2015: Ultimate Apks! Two different variants! Lollipop users are also!
23/12/2015: Revamped Flamewall online! Support Android Lollipop! (Marshmallows untested)
04/05/2016: New APK with new server!
17/07/2016: Stability fixes more players are admitted
01/11/2016: Added TH11 server!
26/12/2016 new stable server!
27/12/2016: 8.551.24 update plus!
31/12/2016: 8.552.24 update plus!
03/01/2017: 8.553.24 update add!
05/02/2017: Thunderbolt 2 release!
28/02/2017: 8.709 update release!
13/05/2017: 8.709.27 stable update!
25/06/2017: 9.24.7 Builder Base Builder Hall Lvl 8 Released!
30/06/2017: 9.105.5 update add!

SCREENSHOTS Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans Android Screenshot Gameplay

Clash of Clans Android Screenshot Gameplay


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