Content Grabber Premium 2.43.2 (x64) Keygen is Here [Latest]

Content Grabber Premium 2.43.2 (x64) Keygen is Here [Latest]

Content Grabber Premium 2.43.2 (x64) Keygen is Here [Latest]


Content Crawler Advanced is used for web crawling and web automation. It can extract content from just about any web site and save it as structured data in the format of your choice, including Excel reports, XML, CSV, and most databases.

Price comparison portal / mobile app
– Data summary
– Collaboration checklists (for example, foreclosure, work councils, tourist attractions)
– News and content aggregation
– Search engine rankings

Market intelligence and monitoring
– competitive price
Retail chain monitoring
– Social media and brand monitoring
– Financial and market research
– fraud detection
– Intellectual Property Protection
Compliance and risk management

Government solution
– Get timely access to news, events and opinions from around the world
Reduce data collection and IT costs
– Promote information sharing
– Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Content integration
– Content Migration (CMS / CRM)
– business search
– Traditional application integration

B2B integration / process automation
– Partner / Supplier / Customer Integration



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