Content Grabber Professional 2.39.8 (x64) Activation Code is Here [latest]

Content Grabber Professional 2.39.8 (x64) Activation Code is Here [latest]

Content Grabber Professional 2.39.8 (x64) Activation Code is Here [latest]


Content acquisition card professional for web crawling and web automation. It can extract content from just about any web site and save it as structured data in the format of your choice, including Excel reports, XML, CSV, and most databases.

Price comparison portal / mobile app
– Data summary
– Collaboration checklists (for example, foreclosure, work councils, tourist attractions)
– News and content aggregation
– Search engine rankings

Market intelligence and monitoring
– competitive price
Retail chain monitoring
– Social media and brand monitoring
– Financial and market research
– Fraud recognition
– Intellectual Property Protection
Compliance and risk management

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Government solution
– Get timely access to news, events and opinions from around the world
Reduce data collection and IT costs
– Promote information sharing
– Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Content integration
– Content Migration (CMS / CRM)
– business search
– Traditional application integration

B2B integration / process automation
– Partner / Supplier / Customer Integration



Scalability and reliability
Content crawlers target companies that are central to Web crawling, with a focus on scalability and reliability. The web contains a lot of data, and with a multithreaded, optimized web browser and many other performance tuning options, Content Grabber will extract faster and more reliably than any other software. Our robust testing and debugging features help you build a reliable agent, and reliable error handling and error recovery will make the agent work in the most difficult situations.

Create hundreds of web scraping agents
The Content Crawler agent editor’s ease-of-use and visual approach makes it suitable for building hundreds of web crawlers, much faster than using any other software.

Distribution net shaving agent royalty free
Build a royalty-free, self-contained web crawler that can be run anywhere without the Content Crawler software. A stand-alone agent is a simple executable file that can be sent or copied anywhere and with rich configuration options. You are free to sell or give away your independent agencies, and you can add promotional messages and ads to the agency’s user interface.

Use scripts to customize everything
Scripting is an integral part of Content Crawlers and can be used in situations that require some special functionality to do exactly what you need. Use the built-in scripting editor or leverage Content Grabber’s integration with Visual Studio for more powerful scripting and debugging capabilities.

Use the API to build a unique solution
Add web crawling to your own desktop application and distribute your app’s Content Grabber runtime for free. Build web applications with a dedicated content grabber web API and execute web crawl proxies directly from your website as needed.

Content acquisition card professional crack

what is new ?
Error – API methods GetAgentDataAsXslZip and GetAgentDataAsCsvZip do not always work.


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