FileConvert Enterprises Plus Patch is Here [Latest]

FileConvert Enterprises Plus Patch is Here [Latest]

FileConverter Enterprises


Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus

FileConvert converts documents into searchable PDF files in batches. Whether your file is from a network scanner or sitting in an existing folder, FileConvert automatically converts the scan and image into a searchable PDF workflow to find the document when needed.

Start a free trial today and get more done. Find the OCR work horse that will make you a hero of the office. FileConvert: Just set it and forget it.

What FileConvert OCR software?
Automatic conversion
– enjoy the main conversion FileConvert running behind the scenes, the file batch converted to PDF.

Monitor the network scanner
Let FileConvert monitor the output of the network scanner. OCR, separated, and the scanning line from the glass off.FileConvert Enterprises Plus

Watch a folder
– Update the old scanned folder or monitor the incoming file folder. Or perhaps the entire tree folder.

Make a searchable PDF file
-PDF is standard. Translate your files into a fully searchable and ready-to-index file quality PDF.

Automatic OCR
– Extract real words from scanned documents and faxes. OCR occurs automatically as part of the process.

Separate documents
Scan the entire heap of files at once. FileConvert will automatically separate each file.

Route file
Prepare virtual file staff? Automatically save the document to a predetermined location without raising your finger.

Plan work
Flexibility is the key. Run the conversion job according to the schedule that suits your needs. Or let FileConvert monitor a particular folder for new files.


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