HeliconSoft Helicon Filter Serial Key is Here [LATEST]

HeliconSoft Helicon Filter Serial Key is Here [LATEST]

HeliconSoft Helicon Filter Serial Key is Here [LATEST]

HeliconSoft Helicon Filter Description:

HeliconSoft Helicon Filter

HeliconSoft Helicon filter

Helicon Filter is the complete image editing solution for digital photographers. Its simple, intuitive interface, real-time preview capabilities and context help ensure easy beginners’ entry. The program guides you through all the post-processing stages as a step-by-step workflow. Helicon Filter is also full of advanced features that appeal to professional photographers.

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HeliconSoft Helicon Filter a powerful program to process your photos and will help you to edit the image step by step. It should be noted that this user interface is very simple, through this interface, all functions are very easy to work, and even a new user can understand, download Helicon Filter can be found in all the news. Allowing for the selection of objects, it is possible to filter the dust on the sensor, with vignetting, of course, a unique tool worth noting for working noise, brightness, color variations and retouching. Helicon filters are supported by Russia, so users will be able to work more conveniently twice. It is not difficult to understand that all tools are grouped together. If you want high quality and professional editing of your photos, I think this tool is useful to you

HeliconSoft Helicon filter Features:

File Management:
* Voice commentary and video playback
* Supports all popular file types, including all RAW
* Quick Folder Browser
* Lossless rotation, copy, delete, move operation
* Template-based renaming
* Complete EXIF ​​and IPTC information
* Support color profile

Noise reduction:
* Automatic noise level detection
* Selective noise reduction in highlights and shades, hues defined in the tonal range.
* Dead pixel filter (v.4.50 +)
* Dust sensor filter (v.4.50 +)

* Gradual haze compensation (v.4.50 +)
* Brightness equalizer / curve
* Highlights, the brightness of the shadow
* Contrast, gamma, exposure
* Local comparison
* Level (black and white dots)

* One-touch white balance tool
* Manual white balance color map and RGB slider
* Memory color list (several skin types, green, sky, etc.)
Saturation is a bright and matte color
* Equalizer selective saturation
* Spectral sensitivity control
* Black and white conversion
* Exposure warning

* Reduce the color difference of the high-contrast area (for example, the sunlight behind the trees)

* Detail extraction
* Edge sharpening
* Threshold to prevent noise sharpening
White halo control
Equalizer can only sharpen the selected color range.

* Vignette correction
Barrel / pincushion correction
* Perspective correction
* Rotate, squeeze, stretch
* Tilt, bend

* ‘Remove scratches’ brushes remove scratches, wires, acne on the face and more.
* “Clone” brush
* The Change Brightness brush darkens or brightens some areas
* “Change Color” brushes to draw the color or change the color to maintain the same brightness
* “Change Saturation” brush
* Blur / Sharpen brushes
* “Noise reduction” brush
* ‘Fix red-eye’ brush
* “Distorted” brush fixes prominent ears and similar problems
* Delete Change brush Removes the effect of the brush and / or filter
* All brushes can be edge-sensitive.

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HeliconSoft Helicon filter Screenshots:

HeliconSoft Helicon filter

What is New ?
* Create high dynamic range images
* Multi-processor support
* Batch processing
* Support for external plug-in
* User Settings Support
* 16-bit precision image processing


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