Last Day on Earth Survival v1.6.6 build 277 Mega Modded Apk is Here [Latest]

Last Day on Earth Survival v1.6.6 build 277 Mega Modded Apk is Here [Latest]

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth Survival Description:

The last day on Earth: Survival

“The Last Day on Earth” is a free MMORPG Zombie Shooting Game Survival and Strategy Game, all survivors are driven by a goal: as long as you can shoot dead zombies in this post’s Revelation game, no place to stay Under friendship, love and sympathy. The deadly plague virus pandemic turned the world into a dead zone full of unskilled zombies. You can only trust yourself in this post apocalyptic zombie infection.

Last Day on Earth Survival Features:

ZOMBIES and ENEMIES everywhere!
You are alone against other survivors and walking dead zombies and other unskilled zombies in this free zombie shooter survival and strategy game of the army. Shoot and helicopter gunships and other unscrupulous survival games in this post or else they will kill you.

Join CLAN and GUNSHIP ZOMBIES with your friends!
Shoots unfamiliar zombie zombies with other game survivors – it’s a free war strategy for a free zombie shooting game strategy game. Survival is easier in this post apocalyptic game, and together with other survivors shoot the death of death. So try to join clan and armed helicopter zombies.

Maintain calibration and homework! Survivors are important!
Improve your game strategy and survival skills and create more deadly weapons to deal with unskilled zombies and enemies. Choose a goal wisely, shoot a zombie, or catch a trigger of death in a wild bird to get some food.

Explore new areas and shoot ZOMBIES!
Search for abandoned military bases and camps for survivors in order to detect and remove the most valuable resources and lethal weapons. Away from zombie borders and armed helicopter zombies to gain resources.

Communicate with other players!
Use chat. Information is the second most important resource in this post apocalyptic zombie shooter RPG game. Join clan and armed helicopter zombies, or go raid, clear new territory from unskilled zombies and move the zombie border.

Improve your survival skills and strategic skills!
Plagues, beasts, hunger, thirst, and cold kill you faster than the dead march. The world has become the evils of the plague. In this free Revelation MMORPG Zombie Survival game, your own goal is to make more deadly weapons, shoot zombies and try to survive. Survivalcraft is vital to your strategy to survive in this late revelation game to infect plague viruses and useless zombie zombies, Last Day on Earth Survival.

In 2027, an unknown outbreak of the plague virus killed most of the world’s population. Raging virus is named deadly plague infection. In the meantime, a new type of plague virus has claimed 80% of the population. The plague virus pandemic is turning them into groups of useless zombies walking zombies.

But taking the zombie army is not your main problem. Many of those without this deadly plague virus will pull a trigger of death behind you. Alone, or join tribal armed helicopter zombies together. You are a survival game of choice for your path and attack zombie border in this free acquired zombie shooter game. Use any way to shoot zombies and survive in the dead zone of this free zombie shooter, Last Day on Earth Survival.

remember! Unskilled dead zombies everywhere! Kill Zombies, Shoot Zombies, Gun Zombies, Fire Zombies, Plug Zombies, Smash Zombies, Slash Zombies and Armed Helicopter Zombie Survival. In this free zombie shooter MMORPG game, every single decision of yours is very important.
Welcome to the Real Post apocalyptic zombie shooting game and enjoy this FREE Zombie Shooter with MMORPG and Strategy Elements!

Mega Mod information

Duplicate items (including individual items)
No resources for craft and construction
Points increased
Coins increase
Maximum durability
Unlimited fuel chopper.


Last Day on Earth: Survival


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