Mirillis Splash PRO EX Keygen is Here [LATEST]

Mirillis Splash PRO EX Keygen is Here [LATEST]

Mirillis Splash Pro EX


Mirillis Splash PRO EX
Mirillis Splash PRO EX is the next generation of media player for pc. Watch high-definition movies and camcorders. Discover the power of the image post-processing engine, enjoy stunning video quality and a unique user experience. Mirillis Splash PRO EX Play all your high resolution AVC / H.264 video movies and TV camera digital (DVB-T), incredibly fast, smooth, no problem, no glitches. You do not need any other codecs.

Splash Pro is a video player dedicated to playing HD movies. It is a high quality video player that allows you to enjoy higher quality when watching videos.

Splash Pro provides a large list of options to change the video settings. Decide whether to adjust the parameters, such as brightness, contrast or saturation, if you need it to get a more pure and clear image.

However, the most interesting feature of Splash Pro is to save energy when you play video. This is particularly useful when using a laptop or netbook because it increases the length of the battery.


Design and optimize for HD!
Play and convert all HD movies and videos, incredibly fast, smooth and no problem. You do not need any other codecs. Download, install, watch, convert and share. Start the application and operation of high-definition video takes about a second!
Enjoy the greatest performance!
Utilize the latest hardware acceleration technology to save time and reduce energy consumption. Splash PRO EX combines the latest technologies, including NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Fast Video Sync video decode to speed up the export process to drive more devices!
Convert video files to style!
Enjoy the ultimate performance and elegance of the user interface. Quickly and easily export popular formats, favorite and multimedia devices, Facebook or YouTube with just one click of a button. Save energy and time, choose the best hardware accelerated video export with Splash EX PRO.
High quality video zoom.
Use advanced video preprocessing technology to convert video. Splash PRO EX High quality zoom Keep your video clear and clean every time you export your original video to a lower or higher resolution. Technology optimized for multi-core processors to deliver superior performance.
image? – just amazing video quality!
After the advanced image processing engine, providing stunning video quality. See the standard and high-definition video never as before, enjoy a smooth movement, the details clear and bright. Download a free trial version of Splash PRO EX now and view the difference using demo mode!


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Mirillis Splash PRO EX Keygen



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