Movavi Game Capture 5.4.0 Serial Key is Here [LATEST]

Movavi Game Capture 5.4.0 Serial Key is Here [LATEST]

Movavi Game Capture

Movavi game capture

The computer game world is filled with tough challenges, triumph victories and staggering defeats. It’s great when you have the chance not only to tell your friends about an antiterrorist contest or Epic World of Warcraft but also to share your gaming experience and commentary with colleagues around the world. Movavi Game Capture helps you create the most memorable moments in a virtual life so you can relive them and others can enjoy them.

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Upload your game screen to the web
The best part of the game is to share stories and experiences with other players. Complete a difficult task or kill a particularly tough boss? Upload video evidence to YouTube. We’ve optimized the capture format using YouTube recommendations, so your HD video will be processed in minutes. Use your video as an online tutorial for other gamers, or share game clips of your favorite games. Master the game on the PC capture, become the master of the game world!
Add webcam video to game screen
Watching yourself play games is part of entertainment. Want your YouTube subscribers to see your Angry Face IRL while you cut enemies in a shooting game? Movavi’s Geeta allows you to overwatch your webcam’s video onto the game screen. Select the size and location of the webcam window and even save as a separate video track for further editing.
Grab the game sound and microphone
Our Movavi game capture software supports bidirectional sound capture – in-game sound effects, music, conversations and microphone output. This allows you to comment on the action at any time. Save the audio stream as a separate audio file in AAC format so you can easily edit the bloopers without losing the video clip.
Capture the game in just one click
Movavi catching the game is simple: just press F10 and the program will start capturing the game on your computer screen at 60 frames per second. Once done, you will be able to view the video in MP4 format – a format supported by most devices, recommended for upload by YouTube.


Movavi Game Capture


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