O&O Defrag Professional Edition 21.0.1115 Keygen + Patch is Here [LATEST]

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 21.0.1115 Keygen + Patch is Here [LATEST]


O & O Defrag Professional Serial Key
O & O Defrag Professional Serial Key is a powerful tool for defragmenting partitions to optimize the performance of your computer.

The user interface is easy to follow. It has a function bar that displays all possible operations in O & O, a list of available local drives, and several tabs: cluster view, fragment history, drive status, job, report, and file status.

The cluster view shows the number of blocks arranged graphically. These blocks are displayed in a priority color – free, compressed, assigned, segmented, reserved for MFT, system, paging files, special locks, processed and folders.

Volume Shadow Copy is a function that automatically creates a copy of the file that is currently being used at regular intervals. It can be enabled or disabled.

Disk defragmentation can be performed in several ways – hidden (faster, using a small amount of memory), space (integration data, further broken), completion / name, completion / modification or completion / access (these three methods also reorganize the file structure Alphabetical order, or when you last modified or accessed).

In addition, you can arrange a defragmentation (once or for some time interval) so that it is automatically executed.

O & O Defrag Professional Edition can also be adapted to the system load (due to O & O Activity Guard), before and after the creation of reports, for power management of laptops, defragmentation when the screen saver is running, defragment multiple drives or separate files and directories And more.

Our tests run on a large number of partitions on 250GB, O & O is doing well, but not special. The space can be further optimized.

When O & O performs tasks, CPU and memory require medium or high requirements (depending on the type of defragmentation).

All in all, O & O Defrag Professional Edition is a great software for defragmentation purposes. It can improve the computer’s startup time and overall performance.


Speed ​​up to 100%
Automatic background defragmentation
To prevent new debris from happening
Built-in O & O DiskCleaner
New built-in O & O DiskStat
New: A fragment filter that identifies the most fragmented file on the drive
Improved SSD optimization
Easy to use: suitable for beginners and professionals to use
Extend the life of the hardware
While reducing multiple drives
Increase the chance of recovering lost files, and speed up backup
Laptop power management
The assistant is used to schedule the disk defragmenter
Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Vista


O&O Professional Edition


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