Professor Teaches Windows 10 v1.0 Keygen is here [latest]

Professor Teaches Windows 10 v1.0 Keygen is here [latest]

Professor Teaches Windows 10 v1.0 Keygen is here [latest]


Individual software professor teaches Windows 10

Professor Teaches, a leading brand of training, offers real, interactive and complete training for Windows® 10. Develop your skills by teaching tutorials and learn everything you need from start to advanced levels. The organization of each interactive tutorial is for quick and easy learning, through practical exercises to quickly and effectively build skills.

The most realistic, interactive and complete computer training
Windows 10 provides a new interface and functionality to connect users with their information and with users from multiple Windows 10 devices. Start menu back to this new operating system, as well as many new features. Teach Windows 10 training users in this new interface and teach them all of the features in Windows 10.

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Learn to use all the features of Windows 10 – Build your skills and increase your productivity
Windows 10 allows you to access and share your information in new ways as you learn about the new features of teaching professors. This comprehensive training course with more than 60 lessons shows you how to navigate Windows 10, including using the Start menu, how to access new Operations Center notifications, using common applications, minimizing, maximizing, and closing applications with your personal assistant New Controls Cortana, Browsing Edge, Browsing the New World of the Internet, Using Virtual Desktops, Using Multiple Desk Organizer Workspaces, Using Navigators, and More! This completely interactive and complete tutorial is organized to quickly and easily learn and practice exercises to help you build new skills and become proficient with Windows 10.

Windows 10 – More than 60 lessons!
– Add and change user accounts
– Application Introduction
– Learn about Windows Store
Get help
– Turn off your computer
– Use Windows 10 on your touch device
– understand gestures
– Understand the desktop
– Explore the taskbar
– Customize the taskbar
– use the task view
– Manage multiple windows
– Create Shortcut
– Use virtual desktops
– Personalize start menu
– Remove the tile from the start menu
– Resize and move tiles
– Customize your settings
– Personalized user account
– Explore the control panel
– Personalized desktop
– Change the monitor resolution
– Modify folder options
– Understand the calendar application
– Send an e-mail using Windows 10
– Use photo gallery
– Use video application
– and more

Internet Explorer – More than 60 lessons!
New search method
– Read, save and comment
– Internet Explorer window
– use the toolbar
– Listen to radio webcasts
– Custom search settings
– Maintain safety
– Use InPrivate browsing
– Use developer tools
– Use SmartScreen Filer
– and more


Professor Teaches Windows 10 v1.0 Keygen is here [latest]


System Requirements:
– Microsoft®Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • Average 450 MB of available hard disk space per application • 1280 x 768 monitor or higher • Sound card • Mouse • Speaker or headset
– Windows Tablet: Microsoft®Windows® 10, Windows 8 • 450 MB of free hard disk space per application


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