Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 11.2.1 Build 18868 Patch is here [LATEST]

Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 11.2.1 Build 18868 Patch is here [LATEST]



Smith Micro Animation Studio Pro
Pro Studio 11 Pro is the perfect professional looking for a more effective alternative to traditional animations. An intuitive and affordable feature set provides a solution for traditional animation tasks that can not be procured at the same price anywhere else

With an intuitive interface, a visual library of content and powerful features such as skeletal system, Smart Bones ™, frame-by-frame animation, layered PSD imported from Adobe®Photoshop®, bitmap to vector conversion, integrated lip sync, 3D build Mode, physics, motion tracking and more, Anime Studio Pro 11 provides advanced animation tools to speed up your workflow.

New Anime Studio Pro 11 features:

One by one frame
Anime Studio Pro 11 in the new features – animation studio can now be frame-by-frame animation! The new Frame-by-Frame layers and added controls give you more power to create realistic frame-by-frame animation. Combine skeletal animation or switch between the two for greater flexibility.

Layer reference
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Now you can copy the layers while keeping the original connection. This allows collaborators to work simultaneously and easily update changes to all stages of the pipeline.

Animation shape sort
New in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Easily change the order of layers of shapes in a single vector layer over time, eliminating the need for multiple layers. This allows for greater control over role building and animation interactions.

Animated bones target
What’s new in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Now you can easily switch from one target skeleton to another when using animated skeleton targets. Animating animations in the event of a switch is now easier and smoother than ever.

Animated bone parents
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Now you can switch between parents’ mid-animation, and Anime Studio will automatically key-frame the results. Feel free to use the Rebuild Skeletal Tool to completely reset bones or cancel skeletal links by clicking on the canvas.

Tools and brushes are enhanced
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Choose a drawing tool has been enhanced to provide more control. Reduce points on simple shapes, use Freehand Tool to merge strokes and smooth shapes, or blend brush strokes with the new Color Points Tool. New brush improvements provide more flexibility and natural effects.

Improved Photoshop file support
What’s new in Anime Studio Pro 11 – When an active file is updated in Photoshop, a new PSD layer is now applied to Anime Studio. Anime Studio will keep its own layer order if the layers are rearranged, but still reflect the visual effects that Photoshop makes.

Bones flip
New in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Skeletal flipping may be necessary in some of the Anime Studio’s gear. Any bones now set can be flipped more than once for greater flexibility. When you flip the bone animations, a keyframe is created to change the effect at any time.

Smart bones enhance
New in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Now when you convert bones to smart bones, Anime Studio creates two actions that extend to each constraint on the bones, keeping the neutral position. This makes work easier with smart bones!

Point color
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – The Color Point tool allows you to create a gradient fill for an object based on the point location.

Select the group of layers
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Layers are now easily grouped when created with a new group with select layers. This saves you time and eliminates the need to drag and drop layers into groups.

Normalize the layer ratio
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – You can now use the new Normalized Layer Zoom to match the stroke width across different zoom layers. No longer need tedious re-adjustment.

The timeline is enhanced
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – You can now show and hide channels on the Timeline to your liking. This can reduce timeline clutter and help you focus on specific channels for editing and animation.

Style enhancement
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Multiple styles can now have the same name. Anime Studio now cites every style you create or import with a unique ID saving you time and hassle.

Batch export enhanced
What’s new in Anime Studio Pro 11 – What’s new in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Added new functionality to the Batch Export panel to make it quicker and easier to render multiple files. Instead of having specific requirements for each file, you can now create and save the configuration file.

Other new features
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – The default camera position now reflects the capabilities of the 35mm lens, the Properties panel is now easier to navigate and adds a section for organizing tools. The new preview feature allows faster rendering by disabling anti-aliasing, while the new script allows more graphics generation. Viewing your 3D axes is now done by visiting the View menu.

Gather media
New in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Anime Studio 11 Now organize the imported files for you! Now all the files are in a new directory, kept in a central location. A list of text files for assets is also created for easy reference.



New file format
New in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Anime Studio 11 leverages the new JSON-based file format with the .anime extension. This is a more modern file format and handles processing faster when files are processed. Backward compatibility is available for version 5.

Library enhancements
New Features in Anime Studio Pro 11 – Easy access to several new display options with just one click of a button. Choose how you want to show your thumbnails to give you more control. The new style category allows you to save style files for future use.

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System Requirements:
– Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10
64-bit installation required for 64-bit operating system
– 1.3 GHz Pentium 4 or later, Athlon 64 or later
– 2 GB RAM recommended
– Minimum 1.6 GB (common) or 800 MB (32 bits) free hard disk space
– It is recommended to use GPU supporting OpenGL
– 1024 × 768 display (1280 × 800 recommended)
– DVD-ROM drive (physical version only)

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