TK Actions V6 Panel for Adobe Photoshop is Here [Latest]

TK Actions V6 Panel for Adobe Photoshop is Here [Latest]

TK Actions

TK Actions Description:

TK Actions panel becomes modular. So now, without updating a large panel, a separate module can be improved and released at the time of completion. Although the V5 module was updated twice, the RapidMask2 module was the first major upgrade. It effectively replaces the V5 Intro, RapidMask and LayerMask modules, thus marking the beginning of the new TKActions V6 panel.

The TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module is another great advance in brightness masks and custom Photoshop extensions. Some screenshots are shown above. The leftmost one shows the actual module. The different functions that can be accessed are displayed in the other three images. RapidMask2 is designed for Photoshop CC to take advantage of the HTML5 architecture that Photoshop CC can accommodate. The fast mask engine still powers the new module, but its functionality has been significantly improved. The interface has also been extensively modified and has many new features and features. TK Actions V6 Panel for Adobe Photoshop.

TKActions V6 Panel Adobe Photoshop ! [up to date]


Better organization
Mirror the four different parts of the production process (SOURCE, MASK, MODIFY and OUTPUT).

Source menu
The new menu for selecting different pixel data is designed as the starting point for making the mask.

Spectrum interface
Updated and compact spectral interface for selecting different masks

New mask
Lights 6, dark 6 and sound.

User created color mask
You can generate a color mask for a specific color and convert it to a fast mask.

Easily add and subtract masks
Two buttons, plus (+) and minus (-), so that all masks can be added and subtracted as if they were a calculator.

Enhanced “layer” output button
A new pixel layer for outputting the current fast mask as a layer mask.

Update the layer mask mode
Provides image-based options to quickly select or create the best mask by applying the mask directly to the layer mask on the active layer. TK Actions V6 Panel for Adobe Photoshop.

Sound interface
The entire module can only use one color, the user can change it to any of their favorite mode.

Click tracker
Button, the button will keep the shades of shades so that the user can track the last selected mask.

TKActions V5 Panel Adobe Photoshop

Requirements: Photoshop CS6 and all versions of Photoshop CC, including the latest CC 2017.


TKActions V6 Panel for Adobe Photoshop


TK.ActionsV6Panel for Adobe Photoshop



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