TSR Watermark Image Pro Portable Serial Key + Patch is Here [LATEST]

TSR Watermark Image Pro Portable Serial Key + Patch is Here [LATEST]

TSR Watermark Image Pro


TSR Watermark Image Pro:

TSR Watermark Image Pro is a program that can add digital watermarking to all images, photos and pictures with the transparency you decide. Use watermarks to protect your pictures, photos and pictures – Secure, fast and full-featured photo watermarks. The program can also adjust the image size before adding a digital watermark. If you want to add a watermark to your photos, you can use text or other images as the source of the watermark.

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If you want to add a watermark to the background, you can set the logo or text to be more or less transparent and place it anywhere on the image that requires a watermark. You can even use this program instead of photoshop to add watermarks to your images. This is a faster and easier way to get a watermark on all images. This watermark software can be used with Word, a watermark image in Excel, or an image used in a PDF file.


• Multilingual support: Armenian, English, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Indonesian, supported.
• Add normal, embossed, chiseled or watermarked text watermarks.
• Auto-rotate watermarked pictures based on direction EXIF ​​tags – This is an image written by many modern cameras.
• The text used to add the image watermark to the EXIF ​​information in the generated file.
• Save or place EXIF ​​information in a jpeg file (camera model/lens model, etc.)
• Export watermarked photos as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF file formats.
• Specify the quality of the watermark output when saving as a JPEG image
• Adjust text for photo watermarks
• Insert a background watermark in digital images, pictures, and photos
• Adjust image size when watermarking images/photos
• Use other images, photos or pictures to watermark your photos
• Use your own text to watermark your photos in the colors and patterns you want.
• Maintain directory structure in the target directory or combine all batch watermark images into one directory
• Skip or overwrite existing watermark images/photos in the target directory
• Command line options automatically load the configuration file and bulk watermark all photos.
• Automatically check new version of TSR Watermark Image software

TSR watermarks are available in several languages. The current languages ​​are Lithuanian, Turkish, Swedish, Armenian, Slovak, English, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Romanian, Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Indonesia, Russia, Poland and Denmark.


TSR Watermark Image Pro


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