UnHackMe 9.40 Build 640 Patch is Here [Latest]

UnHackMe 9.40 Build 640 Patch is Here [Latest]

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UnHackMe Description:

UnHackMe – First BootWatch AntiRootkit! Now there must be a tool for you! UnHackMe is specifically designed to detect and remove root kits (new generation Trojans – stealth Trojans). A rootkit is a program that hackers use to mask the intrusion and gain access to the administrator or computer network. The intruder uses the user to install or use the known vulnerability or crack the password to install the rootkit on the computer. The rootkit installs a backdoor program that gives hackers complete control over the computer. It hides their files, registry keys and process names, as well as the network connection in your eyes. Your antivirus software can not detect such programs because they use compressed and encrypted files. The sample software is Hacker Defender rootkit. UnHackMe allows you to detect and remove rootkits.

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UnHackMe is a tool that can be used to supplement your current antivirus software; it detects and clears the rootkit on your system.

But what is rootkit? The rootkit is a malware that resembles a Trojan horse whose main feature is that it conceals any evidence of the activities of all tracks and users (and most conventional antivirus software), opens the backdoor and allows external intruders to access your The computer has administrator privileges.

Often, these programs are pretty good at work and are hard to detect, which is why a program specifically for them, such as UnHackMe, can be a great help.

Un Hack Me runs a friendly and easy-to-use interface and lets you find suspicious processes that may work behind your backs. One of the main differences between Un HackMe is that they do not analyze in the already running process, but scan the system at startup and inform you of suspicious processes that are trying to run abnormally.


UnHackMe Pro includes specially designed tools for detecting deep hidden rootkits.
It is unique to each user and is not visible to the rootkit.
You can open UnHackMe Pro from the CD-ROM or from the flash drive.
You can use the UnHackMe Pro license to check and remove rootkits from the user’s computer.
You do not need to install UnHack Me on the user’s computer.
No need to purchase an additional license.
Easy to use no advice!

Un Hack Me 9.30 Build 630 Patch.
Un Hack Me 7.97 Build 497 Crack.

What’s New:

New features: net shield!
Network Shield protects against malware, PUP, browser encryption (Coinhive), Trojan.Coin.Miners.




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