Unified Remote Full v3.10.2 Patched APK is Here [Latest]

Unified Remote Full v3.10.2 Patched APK is Here [Latest]

Unified Remote Full Android App


Unified remote integrity

The easiest and most powerful computer remote control. Turn your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth Universal Remote for Windows PC. Mac and Linux support is also available (beta). Control your favorite show, mouse and keyboard.

Unified Remote Control is a software that allows you to use your phone (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone) to control all aspects of your computer: from handling keyboards and mice to managing files on your hard drive.

Unified remote control is the most prominent, and other similar programs, it has a brilliant interface. You do not have to set up a single thing: you just install the program on your hard drive (or use the portable version) and run it on your phone.

Features in Unified Remote include the ability to set a password to control the computer and allow the Bluetooth device to use the program (especially for laptops).

Unified remote control is an excellent remote control program, especially highlighting its simplicity. In other words, this program is just a server.


Simple server and application settings are just working.
Load the remote control to control many media applications, tools, system settings and so on.
Basic input remote control mouse and keyboard.
Automatic server detection, easy to find the server on the network.
Server password protection and encryption, increase security.
Supports single touch and multi-touch mouse control.
Wake up the LAN and start the server easily.
Including light and dark themes.
The server is available for Windows, Mac (beta), and Linux (beta).
Control other equipment, including Raspberry Pi and ArduinoYún.
18 free remote control

Popular remote control:

Basic input (remote mouse and remote keyboard)
Spotify remote control
YouTube remote control
PowerPoint remote
Netflix Remote
Slide Remote / Demo Remote Control
VLC remote control
Theme remote control
Google Presentation Remote
XBMC remote control

Full Featured:

40+ remote control
Small parts and quick operation
Voice command
Customize the remote control
IR action
NFC action
Android WearAndroid Wear

Full version of the remote control:

Create and use custom remote controls
Basic input (remote mouse and remote keyboard)
Boxee remote control
BSPlayer remote control
Command remote (execute terminal / console command)
Chrome remote control
File Manager (Browse Computer File)
Firefox remote control
foob ​​ar2000 remote control
GOM player remote control
Google Music Remote
Google Presentation Remote
Gourd remote control
Internet Explorer remote control
iPhoto remote control
iTunes remote control
J River Media Center Remote Control
Keyboard remote control
Theme remote control
KMPlayer remote control
Mac OS X Remote
Magnifier remote control (screen magnifier)
MPC HC remote control
Media remote control (basic media button)
Media portal remote
MediaMonkey Remote
Monitor remote control (on / off monitor)
MusicBee remote control
Navigation remote control
Netflix Remote
Numeric key remote control
Opera remote control
Pandora remote control
Picasa remote control
Plex remote control
PowerPoint remote
Power remote control (turn on / off and lock the computer)
QuickTime Player Remote Control
Safari remote control
Wheel remote control
Send text remote (type text to computer)
Slide remote control
Spotify remote control
Start / start program (open program)
Task Manager (Switch Active Program)
Tellstick remote control
Tellstick Live remote control
Out of the TV remote control
USB-UIRT remote control
Winamp remote control
Windows 8 remote
Windows Media Center Remote
Windows Media Player remote control
Windows Photo Viewer remote control
VLC remote control
XBMC remote control
YouTube remote control


INTERNET: Used for server connection.
Bluetooth: for server connections.
WAKE_LOCK: for optional wakeup lock.
READ_PHONE_STATE: Used for automatic pause.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: for server connection.
VIBRATE: for optional tactile feedback.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for server connections.
NFC: for NFC action.
INSTALL_SHORTCUT: Used for initiator shortcuts.
CHECK_LICENSE: for permission check.
TRANSMIT_IR: for infrared remote control.

What’s new:

Improved navigation flow.
Many bug fixes and overall improvements.
Fixed quick operation icon becomes too small.


Download and install .apk from the link below.
Complete and enjoy! 🙂


Unified Remote


Unified Remote Full v3.10.2 Patched APK | Mirror



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